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Mundorf MCON0110SG, MConnect RCA Nextgen Silver Gold


pcX USD Price: $299.88
MSRP: $299.88

MConnect WBT nextgen RCA

Since spring 2010, we have offered WBT‘s Premium RCA plugs nextgenTM 0110 Sig- nature in an exclusive MCap® variant with contacts made of the same highly purified silver-gold alloy which is also used for the metallization of our Supreme SilverGold capacitors.

Thus, this recognised high-quality plug is not only an supplement for SilverGold cables such as Mundorf´® Ai605 but also increases the transmission qualities of high-quality audio cables to come to perfection without impairing neutrality; even in small details, pure SilverGold filters out more musical sub- stance from electrical audio signals than any other conductor materials known to us.

Reason enough to refer again to our well-proven MSolder Supreme SilverGold solder at this point - quasi as perfect match for a perfect plug.

After mounting, the external contact is firmly to the RCA connector applying the WBT chuck mechanism which has the same function as the chuck of a drilling machine. The high contact pressure does not only provide secure connection but also minimises the transition resistance.

As the clamping sleeve is designed in two parts, the front part does not rotate when tightening the sleeve. Thus the contact elements are not subjected to any rotational stress. The contact pressure element bet- ween contact and sleeve is made of plastic so that the sleeve is completely insulated and cannot influence the signal. Moreover, dimensional inaccuracies of the external contacts are compensated by the RCA connectors. 

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