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CONNEX Magnetic Levitation Damper, Set of 4


pcX USD Price: $99.95
MSRP: $149.95

The magnetic levitation damper is not a innovative concept….it has been applied in many industrial applications: from precision semiconductor equipment to high speed trains. This magnetic levitation damper was carefully designed to transmit external vibrations onto the floating magnetic field (effectively), especially for very subtle vibrations – an important goal in an audio application. This damper can not only absorb vertical vibration, it also offers good effectiveness for isolating horizontal vibration.

Vertical Vibration: This is the dominant vibration faced by audio gear. This isolation damper transfers vertical vibration onto the floating magnetic field. These devices have a carefully fine tune magnetic suspension mechanism, which is sensitive to minute vibrations.

Horizontal Vibration: The magnetic suspension mechanism of this damper allows for a 5 degree freedom of off-axial movement, of the internal magnetic piston. 

Shielded Design: Offers shielding from the magnetic suspension mechanism. This vibration damper was designed for 0.3kg to 2kg loading on each damper.

Dimension: 15mm D of top support; 40mm D of bottom round base; 30mm assembled height

Unit of Measure: 4 Magnetic Dampers per SET


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