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ESI 2400 LCR Bridge Meter


pcX USD Price: $349.95
MSRP: $1,699.95

The ESI 2400 LRC Bridge, 120 Hz or 1 kHz measures inductance, capacitance, resistance, and dissipation factor, to a basic accuracy of ±0.25% of reading, for values up to 2000 Henrys, 2000 microfarads, and 2 MΩ, respectively. Measurements can be made at frequencies of 120 Hz or 1 kHz, as required, and either the Series Equivalent or Parallel Equivalent component values can be displayed. Range selection is fully automatic and the LRC Bridge automatically discriminates between inductors and capacitors. An internal DC bias voltage of 2 Volts can be selected for use when testing electrolytic capacitors. The operating system of the LRC Bridge provides assistance to the user, in selecting the measurement mode and frequency, to give best accuracy. Loss of basic accuracy due to measurement of the minor term in any component is also indicated. Measurements up to 9999 henrys, 9999 microfarads, and 100 MΩ can be made, although at a degraded accuracy. Units comes with a new a new power cord, and a complete operation & service manual. Circa 1983.

NOTE: pcX also has an optional set of ESI Kelvin Klips that plug into this tester = MSRP was $399…pcX price is $149.95.

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