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AC Clearance Products

pcX is pleased to now have in stock, the NEOTECH range of IEC Female and 3-prong 15A Male AC plugs.

Featuring 24-karat flash gold over pure UP-OCC Copper contacts, these connectors feature a large opening for wide diameter AC cables, and a screw-down style compression fitting for each of the 3 conductors.

IMPORTANT NOTE: During pcX’s Monthly Sales, There is NO DOUBLE DISCOUNTING applied over and above any "special pricing” on any item, including items with quantity pricing.



NC-P302, UP-OCC + Gold-Plated IEC Female Plug, OD 18mm, Each

64% Off Bulk Buy Pricing

$70.00 $24.95 pcX USD Price



NC-P311, UP-OCC + Gold-Plated Male Plug, OD 18mm, Each

64% Off Bulk Buy Pricing

Note: Updated Image Coming Soon

$70.00 $24.95 pcX USD Price

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