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Quantum A/V Signal Enhancer

The Bybee – Quantum A/V Signal Enhancer by Bybee Technologies will transform any audio or video component to a higher level of performance with Quantum proton alignment Signal Enhancer 1jeffwellstechnology. When placed in a room, it also functions as one of the most economical and effective room treatment devices on the market.

What is it
Jack Bybee, a Quantum physicist, has created a new and simple to use device that when placed under/over components, speaker wire, interconnects and power cords it purifies the electron flow, thereby reducing noise and hash to dramatically improve performance. Additionally, the unit effects surrounding air molecules to allow the sound to travel less impeded, resulting in a larger, more dynamic sound stage. The Bybee-Signal Enhancer is a compact (4 X 6 X 1/4 Inch) cast acrylic panel, with a felt-covered bottom. The active elements are specially engineered crystals suspended in epoxy to ensure long life and freedom from damage. The Signal Enhancer is completely passive, requiring no battery or other power source. The crystals in the Signal Enhancer absorb energy from the signal-carrying wire or component, and align the electrons flowing through the wire or component to enhance the purity and energy of the video or audio signal. The Signal Enhancer works even with heavily shielded audio cables designed to withstand RFI/EMF noise from the electrical grid.

How to use it
The Signal Enhancer is typically placed under/over any kind of signal-carrying wire(s), and/or components. One Signal Enhancer may be used with multiple signal-carrying wires; there is no need to have a Signal Enhancer on each wire. The effects of the Signal Enhancer are accumulative, so multiple units will continue to improve room performance. When multiple units are used, placement of the extra units directly on a signal carrying cord/wire and/or component is not necessary to activate the units.

Even the best high-definition television or any kind of imaging monitor will display better contrast, visual detail and color fidelity. In audio systems, bass frequencies are faster and more impactful, and high frequencies become more extended, more open and natural, without edginess. The critical midrange sounds more musical, more liquid and less “electronic.” The overall presentation of imaging and soundstaging becomes both more precise and more enveloping.

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BYBEE A/V Signal Enhancer, (NEW Wood Body), Each

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