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TC700 Series 
Metalized Film Power Capacitors

Premium Polypropylene Audio Capacitors


ClarityCap’s TC range of metalized polypropylene film capacitors is designed to take the power supply in a Tube Amplifier to a new level of responsiveness. TC employs a segmented thin-film metallization pattern chosen for enhanced self-healing properties and for the ability to provide a high capacitance and high voltage rating in a compact form-factor relative to traditional film technology. TC offers a dramatic improvement over any electrolytic capacitor. Inductance and equivalent series resistance (ESR) of a TC capacitor are an order of magnitude less than an electrolytic-- enabling the TC capacitor to instantly deliver all of its power precisely when needed with reduced noise. Ultra-low ESR, minimal heat loss, and fast transient response generally permits a TC film cap of relatively low capacitance to replace a high-capacitance electrolytic. TC’s dry construction ensures that rated performance is retained for the expected life of the amplifier. In an electrolytic capacitor, evaporation of electrolyte gradually reduces capacitance and increases ESR, leading to performance degradation and eventual failure. This process is accelerated in professional equipment that is frequently shipped in unpressurized aircraft holds. The 700Vdc rating eliminates any requirement for complex series connection of multiple capacitors. The TC range is un-polarized, making assembly simple and less error prone. Values from 10uf-33uf have radial tinned solid copper lead-outs. The M6 base stud on larger values offers a robust and reliable mechanical mounting method. TC capacitors are additionally available in 900V, 1100V, 1400V and 1800V should higher voltage ratings be required.

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