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Scientific Conversion


Scientific Conversion SC961-04 is 75 ohm to 110 ohm Zo conversion low profile SMD version of its popular low capacitance, low noise AES/EBU transformer. The SC961- 04 is 1:1.2 ratio, which allows transformation from 75 ohm to 110 ohm and is used in SPDIF, AES-3 and SMPTE balanced or unbalanced 75 W applications. It is designed for use with all popular AES/EBU transmitters, receivers and transceivers, e.g. AKM, Crystal, Motorola, TI/Burr-Brown, Yamaha. It includes a very low capacitance shielded design, which reduces radiated and received noise and provides decreased jitter and better audio quality in noisy environments. Rise-time is an astounding 3 nS. An additional benefit is the reduction of emitted high frequency common mode noise, which improves equipment performance for EMI/FCC compliance. 
The new transformers are 6.3 mm x 9.5 mm x 8.2 mm with 8 pins. The PCB footprint has a maximum of 11 mm across the SMD lands. A special clip design has a flat top so SMD Pick and Place machines can be used. Our documentation includes application notes, reflow solder temperature profile, and much other detailed doc. 
NOTE:  Although this is a "SMD surface mount" part, Scientifc Conversion assures us that it is easy for DIY hobbyists to solder it by hand...for thru-hole applications.

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SC961-04 Lead Free AES/EBU 75 ohm to 110 ohm, Surface Mount "Pulse" TRANSFORMER, Each

Data Sheet - PDF

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