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DEXA Technologies Discrete Audio Op-Amp

In line with our CD upgrade components we will soon launch a high end discrete analog OP-Amp module. It will drop directly into DIP8 single or dual footprints in a CD, DVD, Preamp or soundcard. It's based on brand new technology, which will provide world class sound performance in your existing product. Compared to other existing products this module is made with low inductance non magnetic components, and a special high-speed circuit with extremely low THD and TIM. Current mirrors are made with lowest noise LED references. Resulting in a clean and coherent sound experience, with complete 'black background'.

This new Op-Amp module is drop-in compatible with:

NE5532, AD712, NJM2110, AD8620, MC4558, OP275, OPA2604 etc for duals

NE5534, AD711, AD8610, OPA604 etc for singles.

Dual Module size: 24mm W x 32mm H x 15mm D
Vsupp +/- 5V to +/-25V
Isupp less than 10 mA

More Data will be released soon.

IMPORTANT NOTE: During pcX’s Monthly Sales, There is NO DOUBLE DISCOUNTING applied over and above any "special pricing” on any item, including items with quantity pricing.



Discrete OPAMP 8 pin DIP  DUAL,   24mm W x 32mm H x 15mm D, Each

$84.95 $84.95 pcX USD Price



Discrete OPAMP 8 pin DIP  SINGLE,  24mm W x 32mm H, Each

$49.95 $49.95 pcX USD Price

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