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Tektronix 2467 Oscilloscope


pcX USD Price: $699.95
MSRP: $11,900.00

The Tektronix 2467 Oscilloscope has four vertical channels with a DC to 350MHz bandwidth. Deflection factors run from 2 mV to 5 V per division, in a 1- 2- 5 sequence, with either 1 Megohm or 50 Ohm input resistance, in channels 1 and 2. Channels 3 and 4 give 0.1 V or 0.5 per division, with 1 Megohm input resistance, and DC coupling. The trigger systems work automatically for most signals. The 2467 triggers from DC to 500 MHz with Sweep speeds ranging from .5 sec/div to 5 nsec/div including the effects on the X 10 magnifier and the calibrated variable between 1- 2- 5 steps. The SETUP features, AUTO, SAVE, and RECALL, save time and prevent errors whether you are a novice operator or a master. Digital readouts of time, voltage, scale factors, trigger levels, and auxiliary information also save time and reduces errors.

The 2467 has a micro-channel plate (MCP) CRT. The MCP CRT enables bright traces at fast sweep rates, particularly with one-shot or low repetition rate signals.

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