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TRT Wonder  Lead-Free Solder




as at March 30, 2016

NOTE from TRT leader, Pete Moncrieff:

"Signature Solder employs different, premium metallurgy for more transparent sound, same melting point, as regular wonder solder. melting point is in high 300's F for all leaded, low 400's for all lead-free.

...but we recommend you use a much hotter iron, 750F for leaded and perhaps hotter (even 800F) for lead free -- this higher temp is not needed to melt the metal solder, but instead is advantage to vaporize the flux instead of merely leaving it in brown liquid form -- in its vapor state the flux does a better cleaning job, giving you an even better quality joint that also sounds even better.

Using this hotter iron also means that you can finish a joint with less iron dwell time on the joint, so the total heat input to the joint might actually be less than if you had used a cooler iron temp."

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Wonder SignatureTM Lead Free Solder

16 awg, (Thick) Rosin Flux Core, 1lb (454g) roll

$74.00 $74.00 pcX USD Price



Wonder SignatureTM Lead Free Solder

22 awg, (Thin) Rosin Flux Core, 1lb (454g) roll

Signature Solder PDF

$79.00 $79.00 pcX USD Price

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