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pcX is "the" place to turn, for all your non-warranty repair, upgrade/modification and re-tube needs for your Sonic Frontiers, Anthem and Assemblage products. We should know... we conceived, defined and designed many of them**.


Given our intimate knowledge of these product lines, pcX is proud to make available state-of-the-art updates and modifications to these classic SFI, ANTHEM and ASSEMBLAGE products. Our mods go well beyond the Signature, Special Edition or Platinum Series updates originally offered by SFI and TPC (all of which were originally defined, specified and voiced by pcX's president, Chris Johnson)... we call them our SE+ upgrades. It's important to note that pcX now has a palate of parts available to us, that SFI did not... thus, we can achieve more sonically with each mod now. In addition, as we don't sell these mods through dealers any longer, they are generally 1/3 to 1/2 below the cost SFI previously charged.

We have predefined mod prices on most every SFI, ANTHEM and ASSEMBLAGE piece, but can customize those substantially, according to your sonic tastes and budget. The labor rate for these mods is costed at a very reasonable $69.95 USD/hr.

Moreover, we can perform a substantial amount (but not all I'm afraid) of repair work on this gear too...our repair rates are a very reasonable $59.95 USD/hr.

This modification and repair work is performed by members of the original SFI technical and design staff (when these products were actually designed and in production) -- our chief mod technician is Glenn Dolic.

Lastly, we have a vast amount of experience trying different tubes in all this gear (tube "rolling" as it's often called)... and have vast stocks of the best tubes to use... both NEW and N.O.S. Give us a call or send us an
Email to find out what works best in your unit.

*DISCLAIMER : pcX is neither an authorized dealer for, or an authorized service center of, the current line of ANTHEM multi-channel home theater products. Any modification work performed by pcX to these units, or other SF, Anthem or Assemblage still under warranty, will VOID the factory warranty.

**NOTE: pcX employs (or has working under contract) many past SF assembly staff, production technicians and senior well, pcX is co-owned by Chris Johnson - SF's founder, and president (from inception, until early 2002). This group was exclusively responsible for the design of "all" SF and ASSEMBLAGE products, as well as all of ANTHEM's previous 2-channel tube product line.

The current ANTHEM multi-channel solid-state home theater line was conceived by a team of senior marketing staff (SF/Paradigm's ownership group, of which Chris Johnson was a member), and various talented "staff" design engineers who work (or worked) for the Paradigm Group of Companies. Chris Johnson led this development team (from the fall of 1998 until early 2002) which conceived and defined many of these products. In particular, he helped specify key features, develop interface software, refine ergonomics, chose key components parts, determined the aesthetics of the front panel design and overall chassis layout, silkscreen design, owner's manual design and participated in all marketing decisions surrounding the positioning of this product line, along with the other ownership group members as a whole. He was in no way the exclusive designer of these products (for consumers to suggest or characterize his involvement as otherwise, does a disservice to the many talented people involved in this product line's continued success...and is simply inaccurate)

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