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PRICE: Refurb + Warranty
PRICE: Refurb +
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Black 835060070 N/A $999 $1499-$1999

Owning Pre-Owned Audio Gear manufactured by Sonic Frontiers (under any of it's three "original" brand names - made between 1990 thru 2001) is a wise investment.

Owning a PCX-Certified Sonic Frontiers unit, packages this investment with added protection and
peace-of-mind listening. All units that PCX certifies receive the following treatment:

  • all units are thoroughly cleaned and fully detailed (faceplates, displays, chassis, internal chassis compartments, etc.)
  • any missing accessory items (cords, manuals, tools, remotes, etc.) are replaced, if available
  • any missing or worn chassis hardware is replaced
  • all electrical connections are "specially" cleaned and contact enhanced, as necessary
  • the units go through a full battery of electrical tests, as comprehensive (if not more) than original production testing and problems found are fully rectified
  • any internal electronic parts which have failed (including those that are too aged, worn-out or burned out) are replaced, with parts which meet or exceed, original factory specifications
  • all tubes are checked, and the units are sold with a tube set which has passed all acceptable noise, gain, transconductance, and microphonics standards
  • any and all calibration adjustments are made, to ensure each unit meets or exceeds, original factory standards
  • finally, all units are burned in for a full 24 hours, before a final 2nd test is done...after which, they are re-packed for sale.

Finally, these PCX-Certified units are offered with a full 1 Year Parts & Labour warranty (90 days on the tubes).

All Prices in USD$
(Canadian Customers pay the CDN$ equivalent price - adjusted by the daily exchange rate)

PCX-Certified  Units are affordable classics....Buy with Confidence - Listen with Pride !

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