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NOVEMBER 2009                    

Sale of the Month


Held Over till........
Sale Ends December 18th @ Midnight

NOTE: Due to finite supply and no new production, RIKEN and BLACK-GATE are limited to a discount of 10% off. In addition, SED/Winged-C tubes and JJ tubes and are also limited to 10% off (low margin items). As always, all EICHMANN & FURUTECH products are excluded (from published discounts). As well, OYAIDE and ACOUSTIC REVIVE are excluded (due to manufacturer restriction) from this sale. V-CAP pricing is based on their quantity discount schedule only. This sale excludes all items that ALREADY have a promotional discount greater than 20% off our regular pcX prices (no double discounting); matching fees on caps, resistors, tubes and inductors; or termination fees.


In this issue:


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*** All prices shown are in USD ***

   Items included in the sale : chek mark            Items not included in the sale :  not included in sale


featured items


*** Over 35 New Items Added *** not included in sale

bargain basement sale

pcX has cleaned out the attic, the closet and every other nook and cranny in our gather up a large pile of ODDs and SODs....which we are now making available for sale. Typical discounts will range from 40% to 60% off....sometimes even higher !

When ordering, please advise the file date (ie. Nov. 26th, 2009), as well as either the SKU #,ITEM # (for the misc SKU), or the LINE #.


MUNDORF  Electrolytic Capacitors - 40% Off Overstock Sale  not included in sale

pcX recently acquired a large inventory of over-stock MUNDORF BR-series axial non-polar electrolytics - 6 values in from Mundorf in Germany. As a result of the large buy, we are able to make these available at 40% off MSRP retail. Get them while they last !

MLytic® Bi-Polar AL (BR-100 Raw) 1.00uf / 35VAC-100VDC
pcX price: $0.90 USD/eamundorf

MLytic® Bi-Polar AL (BR-100 Raw) 1.5uf / 35VAC-100VDC
pcX price: $0.90 USD/ea
MLytic® Bi-Polar AL (BR100-Raw) 10uf / 35VAC-100VDC
pcX price: $1.41 USD/ea

MLytic® Bi-Polar AL (BR-100 Raw) 22uf / 35VAC-100VDC
pcX price: $1.69 USD/ea
MLytic® Bi-Polar AL (BR-100 Raw) 400uf / 35VAC-100VDC
pcX price: $6.09 USD/ea

MLytic® Bi-Polar AL (BR-100 Raw) 800uf / 35VAC-100VDC
pcX price: $7.51 USD/ea

Please e-mail  to place an order today!


PEARL CRYOVALVE  Vacuum Tubes chek mark

pcX is pleased to now have "more" stock, our first PEARL CryoValve "power" tube offerings - SED KT88's and 6550C's. For those who are unfamiliar with the PEARL Cryovalves, they are the most thoroughly selected, tested and matched tubes on the market today....the last part of his rigorous testing process, is a "true" Cryogenic treatment.....far better than any other "competitive" tube cryo process offered by other firms.

For details on his testing regiment and cryo process, please click on the PDF below.

KT88 Beam Pentode, SED/Winged C, 8-pin
pcX price: $139.95 USD/mp

6550C Power Pentode, SED/Winged C, 8-pin
pcX price: $99.95 USD/mp


pcX is also pleased to have back in stock, several input/preamp type tubes, including multiple grades of 6H23p-eb, Mullard Mitcham CV4004/E83CC, and Mullard UK ECC88/6922.  Click on this LINK to go to our E-Commerce, for pricing, pictures and more info.

See the Cryo Valve PDF Here

Please e-mail  to place an order today!


BLACKGATE  F-Series Electrolytic Capacitors - 25% Off Intro Special   not included in sale

pcX was pleased to acquire a NOS inventory of Black-Gate's 1st generation F-series electrolytic caps. Featuring exceptional low ESR, this is BG's highest technology polarized cap, except for the follow-on 2nd generation FK series.

We have 1 value left available: black gate nos

F Series 680uf / 65V
pcX price: $16.95 USD/ea.  $12.70 USD/ea.

Please e-mail  to place an order today!


HOLCO Metal Film Resistors - Now 60% OFF     not included in sale

This is the final "clearance sale" for HOLCO resistors - our highest
discount - supplies are limited !

These British-made precision "audio-grade" Metal Film Resistors (1 watt, 1/2 watt and 1/4 watt 1.0 %, -100ppm, axial leads) are now being phased out at pcX (after almost 20 years). As such, we are offering them on a going-forward basis at 40% off (no additional discounts for quantity). Get yours while they last.
Check Them Out

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BURSON AUDIO  "shunt" Super (old style) Regulators - 25% Off Intro Special not included in sale

Burson Super Regulators are a direct replacement for some of the most commonly used regulators in the market, based on the same technology from Burson Power Supply designs. Not only does the Super Regulator provide the basic function of a standard regulator (with a much lower noise level) it also incorporates a noise filtration network that will screen out a wide bandwidth of unwanted noise from upstream. This will leave the output power stable and noise free. When clean power is supplied to the rest of the circuit, your equipment performs to it`s full potential.

pcX is now please to have these "shunt" type regulators in stock. For more info on these regulators, click here:

NOTE: Shunt type are technically superior to series type regulators - however, they are usually larger, with lower current capability.


pcX regular price: $39.95 USD/ea.
pcX sale price: $29.95 USD/ea.  
pcX regular price: $49.95 USD/ea.
pcX sale price: $37.50 USD/ea.
pcX regular price: $39.95 USD/ea.
pcX sale price: $29.95 USD/ea.
pcX regular price: $39.95 USD/ea.
pcX sale price: $29.95 USD/ea.  
pcX regular price: $49.95 USD/ea.
pcX sale price: $37.50 USD/ea.


pcX regular price: $39.95 USD/ea.
pcX sale price: $29.95 USD/ea.
pcX regular price: $39.95 USD/ea.
pcX sale price: $29.95 USD/ea.
LM337 -5V (-5V to -10V) 80ma REGULATOR ADJUSTABLE
pcX regular price: $39.95 USD/ea.
pcX sale price: $29.95 USD/ea.
LM337 -10V (-10V to -20V) 80maREGULATOR ADJUSTABLE
pcX regular price: $39.95 USD/ea.
pcX sale price: $29.95 USD/ea.

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WBT Connectors - Selected Items 25% Off !!  not included in sale

pcX was fortunate enough to take advantage of a year-end distributor over-stock sale of WBT "next gen" Connectors....and we are passing on the savings to our valued customers. For a limited time, while quantities last, the below WBT parts are available at 25% off retail !



Unit of Measure

US Retail

  25% Off

WBT 0110 Cu Set of 4  $204  $153 WBT-66331
WBT 0102 Cu Set of 4  $224  $168 WBT-70631
WBT 0152 Cu Set of 4  $224  $168 WBT-72758
WBT 0610 Cu Set of 4  $148  $111 WBT-71672
WBT 0610 Ag Set of 4  $292  $219 WBT-71673
WBT 0210 Ag pair  $144   $108 WBT-66334
WBT 0710 Ag pair  $170  $127.50 WBT-68850

NOTE:  0210-Ag Ms (metal nut)

RCA Male Connectors / Plugs:

Banana Plugs:

RCA Female Socket / Jack:
0210-Ag Ms

Binding Post / Pole Terminal:

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featured items


 Copper Foil-Q Inductors   chek mark

pcX is very pleased to announce that it is now stocking ERSE's comprehensive range of Copper Foil Inductors (as good as any
other copper foil offering in the industry), in 12, 14 "and now" 16 awg, at the lowest prices in the audio market today !

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you order an ERSE part which is currently not in stock, we will "first" try and fulfill it with an in-stock Alpha-Core part (which is technically and sonically identical), at the same "lower price" as the ERSE (we price match). If the value you selected is still not available from stock (from either foil inductor supplier), it can take up to 6 to 8 weeks (or more), for your order to arrive from ERSE...due to factory minimum order requirements.

The FoilQ line of coils offer improved bass dynamics, reduced microphonic distortion and uncompromising musical neutrality. ERSE’s FoilQ coils offer our purity guarantee (99.99% pure copper ). This level of purity guarantees maximum sonic quality and performance. FoilQ’s sonic excellence is maintained through ERSE’s proprietary low constant tension devices. This process maintains the crystalline structure of the copper foil and the orientation of the BOPP film, once again insuring maximum fidelity and performance.

ERSE’s 0.003 inch thick high purity copper foil reduces all skin effect from 0Hz to 50kHz. This reduced skin effect allows for a more linear inductance and ESR verses frequency then any other inductor including litz coils. ERSE’s high purity BOPP film is up to 33% thicker then the competition, which correlates to lower interwinding capacitance and improved sonics. The large surface area and thinness of the copper foil and BOPP film significantly reduce microphonics. Long term reliability is maintained of these FoilQ coils through ERSE’s vacuum fusing of the BOPP to the copper foil. This fusing process removes all oxygen and seals the copper foil from any outside contamination.


  • Zero Saturation
  • Zero Skin Effect to 50kHz
  • No Microphonics
  • Vacuum Sealed to Prevent Oxidation
  • Low D.C.R.
  • Very High Quality
  • RoHS Compliant


  • Tolerance: ± 2.5% centered on nominal value
  • Insulation Temperature: 200°C
  • 99.99% High Purity Copper PURITY GUARANTEE

See the 12AWG Here:
See the 14AWG Here:
See the 16AWG Here:

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POLYSTYRENE "small pf value" Film Capacitors     chek markstyrene

pcX is pleased to now be offering an even larger selection of values to our already comprehensive line. pcX added 10 new values, and dramatically replenished it's stocks of all the other values we list. The brands in these added values/stocks include ROHM, MIAL (Philips), TRW and SIEMENS....with tolerances ranging from 1 to 5%.

See the new "pf value" film caps here...

Please e-mail  to place an order today!


CONNEX 3.5mm Plug & Adapters    chek markphono jack

pcX is pleased to now offer both an audiophile grade 3.5mm plug, and two headphone adaptors as well....a 3.5mm to 1/4"...and 1/4" to 3.5mm.

CONNEX Headphone Connectors

Please e-mail  to place an order today!


Audio Note Transformers    chek markaudio note

pcX is pleased to now offer the full line of A-N transformers. The types we are offering are Choke, Moving Coil, Digital, Interstage, Output and Pre-Amp Output....over 100 different parts in total.

NOTE: These are non-stocked parts at present...lead times range from 2 to 10 weeks, depending on the part.

Please e-mail  to place an order today!


Jensen  "new" Electrolytic & Film Caps    chek mark

pcX is pleased to add to our product line-up, 6 new types of Jensen capacitors - these include:

450V electrolytics, axialjensen
50V electrolytics, axial
16V electrolytics, axial

63V electrolytics, radial/solder-lug

Copper Foil, PIO.....Ceramic Tube
Copper Foil, PIO.....Copper Tube

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Furutech "new" C7/Figure-8 IEC Connectors   chek markfurutech

pcX has added another two IEC connectors to it's comprehensive
Furutech line-up.The FI-8N in available in both gold and rhodium plate, and are the C7/Figure-8 style, commonly used on DVD Players.

PDF datasheet link

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SHUGUANG TREASURES HiFi Electron Tubes  chek mark

pcX is now offering up Shuguang Treasure Electron Tubes. Shuguang is the oldest and largest tube manufacturer in China, established in 1958 by engineers educated and trained in the United States during the late 1930's and early 1940's. Today, Shuguang's vacuum tube production accounts for 40% of the world's total tube output, either under their own brand "Shuguang", or under various OEM brands.shuguang treasure

Generic Shuguang tubes come in clear glass bottles. However,
the Treasures series have a carbon compound coating applied inside the tubes making them appearing to be "black bottle" or "black glass". The first Shuguang Treasures tubes were released
in December of 2008, to celebrate both Shuguang's 50th anniversary and to highlight a variety of important technological advancements in their tube production, such as:

a) High Polymer Compound Carbon (HPCC) coating is for the first time used on vacuum tube production. Compared to traditional carbon spray technology, HPCC coating will allow greater concentration of electrons, enhance and maintain stability of the electron flow, maximize "secondary electron emission suppression" from the glass enclosure, in turn reduce effects of electron swirl which generates internal noises from the vacuum tube itself.
b) "Super Alloy" technology is for the first time used in constructing vacuum tube. 'Super Alloy' technology was invented and first used in aviation, aerospace, military and other high-tech market segments. After 3 years of testing under extreme conditions, Shuguang has successfully adopted such technology in vacuum tube construction, to achieve directional solidification and single crystallization, greatly improving the ability of electron emission and electron current stability.
c) Improved vacuum technology during production process, to further improve the signal background
d) Unique triple mica insulating spacers and four independent supporting poles to all but eliminate microphonic effects
e) Gold coated grid and gold coated pins, plus white ceramic base
f) Key assembling processes are manually completed by a small number of senior technicians with 30+ years of experience. These tubes are truly handcrafted.
g) An additional sixty part selection and matching processes are adopted to ensure premium quality tubes, compared to the Shuguang generic clear glass variety.

NOTE: All Shuguang Treasures tubes purchased from pcX are sold in matched pairs - and are closely matched for "both" Ip (Plate current) and Gm (Transconductance). These tubes are sold with a 90 day warranty.

See Shuguang Treaures Here:

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FURUTECH GT2 Pre-Terminated USB Cables  chek mark

pcX is pleased to offer the new GT2 Series of terminated USB cables. gt2

Furutech turned its Pure Transmission engineering talents toward creating the highest quality 2.0 USB cable possible. They begin with silver-plated a (Alpha) OCC conductors and a special-grade high-density polyethylene insulation/dielectric. As illustrated below the GT2 features three-layer shielding and specially engineered 24k gold-plated USB 2.0 connectors. As with the more highly specified GT3, the cable wrap includes damping and insulating materials keeping mechanical ringing from affecting the sound. A carefully engineered clamp improves grip and keeps both mechanical and electrical distortion at bay.

See Them Here:


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SHUGUANG Triode Power Tubes  chek mark

pcX is pleased to finally have back in stock, a full range of Shuguang power triodes....some we've had before, and others which are premium versions of old favourites.

300BS-B and 300B-98B....both of these are mesh-plate shuguang
types...however, the 300BS-B has an improved vacuum, superior base, and the ultra-slick balloon bottle, they come
in a premium matched pair gift box.

845, 845B and 845C....the standard 845 had been out of production for over 2 years, but pcX now has stock...along with
the 845B (vastly superior support structure for reduced microphonics), and the 845C, which has a unique and sonically superior metal plate (instead of the standard graphite type), as well as the 845B's rigid internal structural elements.

NOTE: All Shuguang tubes come with a 90 day warranty, and are precisely matched for both Gm and Ip - thus, sold as Matched Pairs only.

See Shuguang Tubes Here:

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TAKMAN REY Metal Film Resistors  chek marktakman_rey

pcX is pleased to now stock the REY resistor by Takman. Our REY metal film resistor for audio equipment consists of resistor thin film made mainly of Ni-Cr-Al materials, brass caps and non-oxygen copper wire. High-precision is realized with laser trimming and high stability and high sound quality are achieved with the proper coating.

Go To Our Takman Page:

Takman REY Product Specifications

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PRODIGY HD2 Gold Sound Card (w/ Burson discrete op amp Mods)   not included in sale

Introducing...the Burson-modified Audiotrak – Prodigy HD2 GOLD Sound Card ! The Prodigy HD2 is built in Germany, and it is widely regarded as the best audiophile graded soundcard in the world... Below is a break down of what is involved:   More info:



Retail (USD)



Prodigy HD2 stereo soundcard

145 USD



Burson dual opamps

270 USD



3 pin regulators

15 USD



Hi-End Gold plated RCAs

50 USD

We had to replace the stocked aluminium RCAs and widen them to accommodate audiophile graded RCA cables.



Price less




$480 USD +

install labour

Ignoring labour, the market value of this modified soundcard is $480 USD a piece


Now, as a result of a volume purchase by pcX, we are now able
to offer the entire modified sound card (modification labour included) , for the pcX price: $349.95 USD/ea.  

Order yours today ! HERE

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CONNEX  OCC5N 99.999% (5N) solid-core "bare silver" Hook-up Wire  chek markocc5n

pcX is now stocking seven different awg's of high purity, OCC silver solid-core bare wire...for those DIYer's who like to build their own cables. Select from Cotton Tubing, Silk Tubing, Cotton Rope, TEFLON Tubing or Expandable Teflon Braid....for your dielectric of choice !

See all the OCC5N Here..

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CONNEX  "machined teflon" Tube Socket: Jumbo 4-pin chek marksocket

pcX s pleased to now stock, under it's CONNEX brand, an impressive 4-pin Jumbo tube socket, made from pure virgin teflon, CNC well as gold-plated copper contacts and bayonet ring.

NOTE: For 845, 211, etc.

See the Connex Here..

Please e-mail  to place an order today!


ELNA  Cerafine (ROA) & Silmic II (RFS) "audio grade" Electrolytic Caps chek mark

After dozens of customer requests, and a 4 month wait, pcX is pleased to now have in stock, our initial offerings (29 values) of ELNA audio grade electrolytics - both their ROA Cerafine series, and their RFS Silmic II Series..elna

Over the next several months, we will add another 60 to 70 values, so that we will have a comprehensive range of both product lines.

RFS Product Info.pdf
ROA Product Info.pdf

Click on the following links RFS and ROA to go to our E-Commerce site, to see our current value range, and the unit pricing for each part.

Please e-mail  to place an order today!


CERAMIC  Anode Caps  chek markanode caps

pcX pcX is pleased to now stock the final two smaller sizes of anode caps, in both silver and gold-plate.


See the Anode Caps Here...

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EICHMANN TECHNOLOGIES   - Two New Spade Connector Products !  chek mark

pcX has just been informed, that in regards to ETI models XC copper and XS silver spades, these products are now discontinued. connex hookup wire

Previously, ETI had 4 spade products: 2 copper, 1/4" and 5/16"; and 2 silver, 1/4" and 5/16". They have been replaced with 2 new products - one for Copper (direct gold-plated); one for pure Silver. Spades are now truncated to fit either 1/4" or 5/16" posts, and come with ETI labelled shrink wrap in the package.

See the new Spades Here...

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  MKP-1837 Film Capacitors - New Values in Stock !  chek mark

At the request of literally dozens of customers, pcX is now stocking "the full product range" of these wonderful sounding "high value for money" capacitors, which have developed quite the strong audio hobbyist following, due the use of the 0.01uf as a bypass cap.

According to cap "Guru" Tony Gee of in his Capacitor shoot-out:

"The difference is most noticeable with classical music but also good quality recordings of jazz and fusion benefit: No change in soundstage width or depth but there is more "concert hall acoustics" that let you get into the recording more. Not as liquid as silver/oil but they take away the "grainy" edge from the Supreme's. A gain in clarity and transparency making instruments better separable from each other, the violins in an orchestra are a group of individual violins instead of one mass. Jazz drum brushes sound more like a brush than a "shush".

Verdict: Can't live without them! - Use them as a bypass cap."connex hookup wire

pcX is now stocking 7 values (the full range in the 1837 type) from 0.01uf to 0.1uf, 100VAC/160VDC.

See the Vishay Here...

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FURUTECH More Introductions for 2009 ! not included in saleftech

pcX is pleased to now have IN STOCK, most of the new product introductions we saw FURUTECH debut at last January's CES. A complete listing of these new offerings is detailed below.

"Pure Transmission Philosophy: Meticulous build quality is a large part of the
engineering equation. Furutech Pure Transmission technology turns a macro lens on every element of power and signal transfer applying optimized engineering solutions to well-known problems such as contact resistance, EMI and RFI rejection, grounding, and using the best materials and processes available

FTECH-72816 CF-102(R) Carbon Fiber RCA Alpha-OCC Rhodium Plated PIN RCA Male Plug 9.3mm
FTECH-72817 CF-201(R) Carbon Fiber Pure Copper Rhodium Plated Spades 5.5mm
FTECH-72818 CF-202(R) Carbon Fiber Pure Copper Rhodium Plated Banana Plug 5.5mm
FTECH-72819 Monza LP Clamp Non-Magnetic Stainless Steel w/Carbon Fiber Piezo Damping
FTECH-72820 La Source 101 Pure Silver Alpha-Ag High End Lead Wire
FTECH-72821 La Source 102 Pure Silver Alpha-Ag High End Headshell Leads
FTECH-72822 Silver Arrow-12 High End PHONO Tonearm Cable (DIN-RCA) (1.2M)
FTECH-72823 Silver Arrow-12-L High End PHONO Tonearm Cable (DIN 90deg-RCA) (1.2M)
FTECH-72824 Silver Arrow-12-R4 High End PHONO Interconnect Cable (RCA-RCA) (1.2M)
FTECH-72825 e-TP309 CARBON FIBER AC Power Distributor w/ Axial Locking System + GC-303
FTECH-72826 DAYTONA AC Power Distributor and Filter w/Voltage Display

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NOS Tubes  - Oddities & Rarities   

pcX has accumulated, over the last few months, some very rare NOS tubes, which were simply added to our listings, without enough specific attention drawn to them. Some of these are rare "best of" a particular type...others are "odd" types, for specific/particular high-end tube electronic products. We suggest you check them out !

(Quantities Available in Green)

833A National Vacuum Tube
pcX price: $149.95 USD/ea  (Q - 2)
Western Electric 418A
pcX price:$49.95 USD/ea  (Q - 1)

Please e-mail  to place an order today!


featured items


 Headphone Amp - Special   
 not included in saleburson logo

pcX is pleased to offer these amazing BURSON AUDIO
Headphone Amps - featuring the discrete amplifier
technology made famous in their op amp modules, and
first-rate buildquality (not to mention a very robust
extruded aluminum chassis), these headphone Amps
can drive anything, and are giant killers in the sub-$2000  Headphone Ampmarket....delicate, 3-dimensional, dynamic,
extremely quiet...with incredibly authoritative bass.

HA-160 (Gen#1)   $1150 USD list....pcX Price: $595 USD. (only a few left)

HA-160 (Gen#2)  with an upgraded Power Supply (discrete shunt regulators vs. adjustable IC regulators) and Volume Control (24-step series attenuator vs.. Alps potentiometer)...$1150 USD list....pcX Introductory Price: $895 USD.

Please e-mail  to place an order today!


PS AUDIO Finished Products  not included in saleburson logo

pcX is pleased to announce, that we are now an authorized retailer for "all" PS AUDIO products. At the present time, we have the PS AUDIO TRIO Series in stock....along with their Noise Harvester, at a special introductory price.


PS AUDIO Noise Harvester

$99.95 USD/ea
pcX Intro Price:
$64.95 USD/ea




PS AUDIO Trio A-100 Power Amplifier

Stereo 100 watt power amplifier into 8 Ohms and 200 into 4 Ohms

$995.00 USD/ea
Call/email for pcX pricing




PS AUDIO Trio C-100 Control Amplifier
100 watt integrated Control Amplifier providing everything you need for an entire high-end two-channel audio system.

$1595.00 USD/ea
Call/email for pcX pricing




PS AUDIO Trio P-200 Preamplifier
Based on the revolutionary new Gain Cell technology, the P200 preamplifier does not attenuate the incoming source signal and thus degrade it.

$995.00 USD/ea
Call/email for pcX pricing


MUSIC HALL  dac25.2 Digital Processor - in stock !  not included in sale

pcX now has in stock, this amazing little DAC from MUSIC HALL. We haven't seen a DAC with this many features, for this low a price in...forever ! Check it out:

  • Electro-Harmonix 6922 tube output
  • Ti PCM1796 24bit, 192kHz DAC· music hallTi SRC4192 Asynchronous sample rate converter w/high precision active crystal oscillator master clock User selectable 96kHz or 192kHz upsampling
  • Sophisticated asynchronous reclocking and anti-jitter control system
  • 8 x oversampling digital filter· 4 digital inputs: coax (s/pdif), optical, XLR, or USB
  • 2 Gold-plated outputs: single ended (RCA), balanced (XLR)
  • Headphone output with adjustable volume control
  • Large high current oversize power supply
  • Thick brushed-aluminum fascia and solid chassis
  • 110v/220v voltage selectable transformer
  • Detachable power cord

Suggest Retail: $595 USD
pcX Special Price:
$475 USD


pcX is pleased to now offer a comprehensive range of upgrade modifications for the MUSIC HALL dac25.2...which will meet any and all prospective customer's sonic expectations and budget constraints.

The following PDF document contains details of each mod, as well as pricing: Available Mods

Contact Chris at if interested, or if you'd like more information.


BURSON AUDIO Finished Products  not included in saleburson logo

pcX is pleased to now be importing the complete line of BURSON AUDIO Finished Products. Featuring fully discrete circuitry; robust low noise power supplies; all aluminium extruded/machined case work; and meticulous hand assembly and testing.....these products offer the discerning audiophile a level of sonic refinement, never before seen at these price points for solid-state gear.

This is one of the first solid-state amplification product lines we have ever fully, that is saying a lot.


Burson AB-160 Audio Buffer

The most effective plug and play upgrade in the market. No gimmick, not snake oil.
Just down to earth engineering and top build quality.

$550.00 USD/ea
pcX Intro Price:
$495.00 USD/ea




Burson AB-160x Balanced
Audio Buffer
The most effective plug and play upgrade in the market. No gimmick, not snake oil.
Just down to earth engineering and top build quality.

$650.00 USD/ea
pcX Intro Price:
$595.00 USD/ea




Burson HA-160 Headphone Amp.
Reference Class Headphone Amplifier!

$1150.00 USD/ea
pcX Intro Price:
$895.00 USD/ea




Burson PI-160 Integrated Amplifier

The perfect blend of definition and musicality.

$1995.00 USD/ea
pcX Intro Price:
$1495.00 USD/ea




Burson PRE-160 Pre-Amplifier

A discrete network of low noise power supply.
A reference of its class.

$2250.00 USD/ea
pcX Intro Price:
$1695.00 USD/ea




Burson PP-160 Power Amplifier (Booster)

Imagine your SE 300B with 95W PC! Or use it as a
power amp with transparency and power!

$2450.00 USD/ea
pcX Intro Price:
$1795.00 USD/ea


featured items


  "power triode" Tube
(and custom tester for them) chek mark

pcX has recently received delivery of the custom tube tester we had commissioned to be built for the 6C33C-B Russian power triode tube. Using this tester (4 tubes at a time):

  • we burn-in all stock for 24 hours at real-world operating parameters - both voltage and current
  • we provide the Vb (Bias voltage) and Gm (Trans conductance) of each tube at 250ma Ip (plate current)Tube Tester

These are the most thoroughly aged, selected and tested 6C33C-B's on the market today....perfect for the dozens of D-I-Y OTL designs hobbyists have been building these last 10 years, and for those customers who own 6C33C-B amps from companies such as BAT, Antique Sound Lab, etc.

6C33C-B Triode
pcX Selling Price:
$39.95 each or $89.95 /MP USD

NEW-OLD-STOCK 6H30n-DP   "dual triode" Super Tube  chek mark

Hammond LogopcX was fortunate enough to procure a stash of the increasingly rare 6H30n-DP (aka. 6H30P-DP or 6N30P-DR) dual triode tubes.

These are the New-Old-Stock premium grade version (super tube) of the Sovtek 6H30-Pi (aka. 6H30n-eb)...a tube extensively used now by several high-end audio brands including BAT, ARC, C-J, etc..

pcX Selling Price:
$79.95 each or $164.95 /MP USD

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3800 Blu-ray Player  
(Level 1, 2, 3 and 4 + Clock and Bybee options) not included in sale


DENON AVR-4308 Receiver  not included in sale
Pre-Out Only & Full Receiver Mods


SHANLING PCD-3000A CD Player  not included in sale
Level 1, 1+ & Clock Mods


SHANLING HP-3000A Headphone Amplifier not included in sale
Level 1, 1+ & Level 2 Mods


SHANLING MC-30 Music Center  not included in sale
Level 1, 1+ & Level 2 Mods


MARANTZ SA-11S2 CD/SACD Player not included in sale
Lite and Level 1 Mods


MARANTZ SA-7S1 CD/SACD Player  not included in sale
Lite and Level 1 Mods


RAYSONIC 168 CD Player not included in sale
Level 1 & 2 Mods + Clock


RAYSONIC 128 CD Player not included in sale
Level 1 & 2 Mods + Clock


MUSIC HALL A-25.2 Integrated Amp not included in sale
Lite, Level 1 & 2 Mods


MUSIC HALL CD Player not included in sale
Lite, Level 1 & 2 Mods + Clock


ORIGINAL 2008 MKII CD Player not included in sale
Level 1 & 2 Mods + Clock


BEL CANTO DAC-3 D/A Converter not included in sale
Level 1 & 2 Mods


SHANLING CD-3000 CD Player not included in sale
Level 1 & 2 Mods + Clock

Please e-mail Chris Johnson at  if you are interested in more information (pricing and mod details) on any of these mod packages on either an aftermarket basis, or, contained within a pre-modified unit....directly from pcX.


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VTV T-shirts & other promo items not included in saleVTVPromo Items

Promotional discount of 25% on all regular priced items below...


Please see Them Here:

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ELECTRO-HARMONIX 300B & 300B Gold Grid not included in sale300B Electro Harmonix

TUBEEH-60258 300B
MSRP - $272.00/Matched Pair
pcX sale price: $139.95 USD/MP
TUBEEH-64715 300B Gold Grid
MSRP - $328.00/Matched Pair
pcX sale price: $159.95 USD/MP

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PEARL Tube Coolers - Now 40% Off!
   not included in sale

ACCESS-68154 MCF-7


ACCESS-62445 MCF-9 $11.00 $9.50
ACCESS-62447 OCF-8 $11.00 $6.60
ACCESS-62446 MPCF-P9 $11.00 $6.60
ACCESS-62477 PCF-125 $18.00 $10.80
ACCESS-62476 PCF-150 $18.00 $10.80
ACCESS-62443 PCF-200 $20.00 $12.00
ACCESS-64470 PCF-250/6C33C-B $22.00 $13.20

From Bill Perkins of Perkins Electro-Acoustic Research Laboratory!   pcX now has back in stock, the "full range" of "new" updated PEARL TUBE COOLERS - without a doubt, one of the most useful accessories in tube audio.  

Use of these devices result in reduced tube microphony for noticeably improved sonics; and longer tube life (conservatively triple) due to the cooler "heatsinking" the heat away from the glass enveloped, via the thermally conductive copper-finned cooler material.Pearl Tube Coolers

NOTE: PEARL has converted (since October 2005) cooler manufacturing over to a new fin design, which provides over 60% more contact area with the tube's glass bulb/envelope. As a result, the previously supplied carbon fibre sleeve is no longer required for the cooler to work, as intended.


History, Theory of Operation and Installation Instructions

Please e-mail  to place an order today! 


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Media DAC-1 / DAC-1 USB "Upgrade" MODS   not included in sale

pcX is very pleased to continue to offer, on an aftermarket basis only, our modification service for this award winning D/A Converter.Benchmark

NOTE: Benchmark Media no longer allows it's retailers (those who sell the DAC-1 itself) to also offer upgrade mods....thus, pcX resigned the product line, but we continue to enthusiastically recommend the DAC-1, and perform our DAC-1 mods.

S/E Output Mod: $495 USD aftermarket
Balanced Output Mod: $575 USD aftermarket

NOTE: Stereophile Magazine's 2004 EDITOR's CHOICE Award Winner.

Please email if you are interested in these Performance Upgrade Mods.  Details of the Mods are available upon request.


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Part Matching:

pcX offers matching services for passive parts - caps, resistors and inductors - $1 per pair (relative match)...or $2 per pair if you want them matched to a nominal value AND to each other (relatively).
Tube Matching:
pcX can match any small signal tube into pairs....$5 USD per pair; $10 USD four dual triode tubes (if you want a matched pair that have matched triode sections as well).   Our stock power tubes are almost always sold/priced as pairs already...however, if you send us your power tube stock, we can test and match them for you, for $5 USD / pair (for both Ip - plate current; and Gm - transconductance).
pcX has a solder pot available.  Any wire which needs tinning due to it's litz (enamelled strands - like Cardas) design, the cost is $0.50 USD per end. 
Cable Termination (or, re-termination):
pcX has always offered cable termination services - for both interconnect ($60 USD/pair); speaker cable ($60 USD/pair); digital interconnect ($30); and AC power cables ($30).  These prices are for standard terminations. 
Bi-Wired speaker cable configurations are usually 50% more; and cables with difficult sheathing, or large number of conductors, will be more - pricing for these will be on a quote basis only.


As well, we can re-terminate existing cable, if you'd like to upgrade connectors, change lengths; make multiple cables out of longer runs; or change connector style (XLR to RCA and vice versa).
Turnaround time is usually 24 to 48 hours after the terminated cable order is placed, or receipt of your cable.


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 chek mark

Sonic Frontiers
Repairs and Mods

Click on the animated icon to the right for further details on CDM-12.4/05 mechanism availability ($159.95 USD each + install labour) and other mods for these units.


SONIC FRONTIERS Power-2 Power Transformernot included in sale

Part # 300203
pcX price: $375.00 USD/ea.


SFCD-1 CD Player Faceplate (Gold) chek markfaceplate

Gold Faceplate Set
pcX price: $199.95 USD/ea.


Clarostat Optical Encoder for Line-1/2/3
chek mark
pcX price: $69.95 USD/ea.




CONNEX-71386Bias Pot.
Bias Potentiometer for Power-1/2/3chek mark
pcX price  $15.95 USD each/ea.




Top Cover ScrewsTop Cover Screwschek mark
#4-40 1/4" Phillips Counter-sunk, 18-8 stainless, black-oxide finish
pcX price: $5.00 USD/bag of 20


Hammond H300338 Assemblage ST-40 power transformer
pcX price: $149.95 USD/ea. chek mark



moduleSonic Frontiers Line-1, Line-2 and Line-3chek mark
"potted/encapsulated" toroidal power transformers

Product       SKU#:                          Price
Line-1/2   TRANS-LINE1/2......$149.95 USD/ea.
Line-3      TRANS-LINE3.........$149.95 USD/ea.

Please e-mail  to enquire about these today!


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In the October issue of AudioXpress magazine, Ed Simon wrote a "rave" review of the Burson "discrete" op amps modules. Here is a link to the review. LINK

DUELUND As a result of the continual strengthening of the EURO vs the US$, we have had to once again adjust our DUELUND retail pricing...upwards. To counter-act as much of this as is possible, pcX is now offering DUELUND products at a "standard" Minimum Advertised Price of 20% off of MSRP retail. Additionally, during category sales, or semi-annual "everything" sales, additional discounts will be applied (at time of check-out), to these new pcX Selling Prices.

ACME We are happy to report that Acme has announced recession pricing! See the pricing reductions, click the link to see.  See Here

CONNEX We are happy to report that due to increased buying volume, pcX has been able to substantially reduce it's pricing on it's line of Teflon "machined" Tube almost 20%. ($19.95 USD each for 1-9 pcs; $18.50 USD each for 11-24 pcs; $16.95 USD each for 25+ pcs...mixture of any of these types).  See Here

DUELUND Frederik Caroe has advised pcX of a new feature on his website....the Duelund Blog ! Check it out at:

JUPITER  pcX has just been informed that JUPITER Condenser has both broadened it's range of HT-series beeswax/paper and aluminum foil caps, and also made a major technical/sonic improvement to the entire product line. Jupiter has now added 2.2uf, 3.3uf and 4.7uf to it's previous range of offerings. Plus, all production of JUPITER HT-series caps (beginning this past summer) are now fully cryogenically treated (and all pcX stock has been converted over). See the Jupiter Caps here

HOVLAND  pcX regrets to announce that the MUSICAP capacitor brand, offered by HOVLAND Company, has ceased production, due to the closure of the company. For the full story, Please click on this link. If you still want to get some of these fine capacitors, please act quickly....we have limited stocks remaining Link to Hovland Musicap page.

SHINKOH   pcX is pleased to announce that it has acquired a huge inventory of the world renowned Japanese-made  SHINKOH Tantalum-film resistors (for many, the best sounding resistor ever made available for audio)....which have been out of production for nearly 6 years now. We have acquired over 30,000 pieces of NOS stock....spread over nearly 180 values, in 3 wattages. We increased our stocks of 1/2 watt, added values/stock of 1 watt, and added (for the first time), 2 watt Shinkoh' a broad range of values. See the Shinkoh Resistors here:


featured items

  • IeGO AC Connectors
  • CMC Audio Connectors
  • YARBO Audio Connectors
  • RUBYCON low ESL/ESR Electrolytic Caps
  • SPRAGUE "Atom" Series axial Electrolytic Capacitors (axial style)
  • SPRAGUE "Orange Drop" premium 716P Series Polypropylene Film & Aluminium Foil Capacitors
    ...and much, much more.

Bargain Basement Updates

is pleased to announce that after nearly 7 years of growth, we have finally outgrown our existing location, and have moved into our new premises - an office/warehouse unit, in a traditional commercial area, in east Burlington, Ontario. Here is our new address:

5109 Harvester Road,
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We do Modifications, Upgrades and Repairs!

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