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TKD_70897 100K, 2CP-2508 Series, Stereo, Volume Potentiometer (premium CP element, shield between channels), Each

pcX USD Price: $99.95
MSRP: $99.95

pcX is pleased to now offer a "special" TKD volume potentiometer, not offered by any other DIY hobbyist source. A consistent comment about TKD's popular 2CP-2511 control is it's pro-style "fader-like" taper....which is not always desired by HiFi hobbyists. What pcX has chosen (with the assistance of TKD's technical support engineers) is TKD's 2CP2508 part.....a stereo 100K pot, with a 300 degree rotational angle, and most importantly, with TKD's A taper...which mimic's the familiar "audio/log" taper offered by long-time industry leaders for HiFi audio potentiometers, ALPS and NOBLE. If you want the best sub-$100 "audio taper" potentiometer on the planet, this is the part to choose !

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