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Trulift Totem Automatic Tonearm Lift Stainless Steel


pcX USD Price: $374.95
MSRP: $499.95

Tru-Lift Totem This modular design allows it to transform to almost endless styles and heights. The Tru-Lift Totem stands at 7 + inches and can be broken down to 1 1/4".

Simply mix and match the different heighted sleeves. The sleeves interlock with the adapter plugs. The adapter plugs screw on the bottom of each sleeve, which in turn fits into a another sleeve, securing it in place with the side height adjustment set screw.

Totem includes - One Tru-Lift Mechanical Head, One #1 sleever, One #2 Sleeve, One #3 Sleeve, One #4 Sleeve, Three Adapter Plugs, 3 solid base plates (1/2" height x 1 1/2" diameter).

The solid base plates are threaded and studded to easily secure to one another. Easily stackable! If you need more height, Solid round bases are available for optional purchase, insuring even taller heights. All Tru-Lift parts are polished solid stainless steel.

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