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TJ Full Music

Vacuum Tubes 

The TJ/Full Music company is a privately-owned tube factory, established in the mid-1990s, in the Tianjin Province of China, by a pioneer of the Chinese vacuum tube industry - Mr. Zhesheng Liu (now in his 70's). Still run day-to-day by the founder (and his son), TJ has specialized in producing WE300B replica tubes... but in recent years, has broaden their tube range significantly.

NOTE: The owner Mr. Liu, is a university graduate in vacuum tube technology and has worked several years for NEC producing Cathode Ray Tubes. As proof of his inventiveness, Mr. Liu holds several patents in the field of vacuum tube technology.

In the past decade, TJ Full Music 300B tubes has earned a solid reputation in the international hi-fi market through OEM brands (such as Sophia Electric), and has been reviewed by many major hi-fi magazines such as, etc. Of particular note, the TJ Full Music 300B/SE tube is considered among the best 300B tubes in production today

Since 2008, TJ Full Music has expanded into a 2nd manufacturing facility in Tianjin City, China to manufacture high-end gold pin, box-plate 12AX7 and 12AU7 tubes. Audiophiles who have tried the 12AX7 and 12AU7 commented that they are even superior to the Telefunken ECC83 tube. In late 2008, TJ Full Music has released their 805/845/211 MKII series, with oxide plate rather than graphite plate.

pcX is honoured to be offering TJ Full Music tubes - one of China's (if not the world's) premium vacuum tube product lines.

NOTE:  Mesh-plate tubes have lower plate dissipation…from 28 to 30 watts.

NOTE:  The Balloon shape is also knows as Aubergine shape.   The "traditional" coke-bottle "shouldered" ST-shape is also know as Dome shape.

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