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JUPITER Silk-insulated Silver Hook-up Wire

pcX is pleased to now offer a line of Silver hook-up wire, from JUPITER....all featuring natural fibres for the insulation material. In addition to the use of ultra-high purity oxygen free materials for the conductor, these natural materials "effectively" allows for the use of an air dielectric around the wire.....which is considered by many, to be the best sonically.  This wire, perfect for all low-level signal applications, has an incredibly open and airy presentation....never strident, or fatigung.  The available types are:

 Note: Wire/Cable sold by the foot unless specified otherwise

IMPORTANT NOTE: During pcX’s Monthly Sales, There is NO DOUBLE DISCOUNTING applied over and above any "special pricing” on any item, including items with quantity pricing.



26awgsolid-core SILVER, WHITE Silk Insulation, Per Foot

$4.95 $4.95 pcX USD Price



28awgsolid-core SILVER, WHITE, Silk Insulation, Per Foot

$3.95 $3.95 pcX USD Price

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