1877Phono FITCLIPS Phono Cartridge Clips

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FITClips Phono Clips, 24K Gold-Plated OFHC Copper, Spring Loading Design (1.0mm-1.2mm)

The FITclips, are made of the finest copper, without any traces of nickel. Carrying the quality standards of 1877Phono, they are CNC precision machined and direct gold 24k plating.

Since their goal is to keeps the end of the contacts well conserved, their exit diameter can adapt to the most common dimensions present in the audio cables, between 1.0 and 1.2mm.

Unit of Measure: Set/4


• Conductor: 24K Gold Plated OFHC Copper
• Spring Pressue Design
• Expansion: 1.0mm-1.2mm
• Length: 8.0mm
• Weight: 0.122 grams
• Set: 4pc

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