1877Phono LB6-4G(BK) Locking Banana Plugs

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LB6-4G(BK) Locking Banana Speaker Plugs, 24K Gold-Plated Copper (6.0mm) Black

Respecting the 1877Phono high quality standards, while talking about the audiophile accessories, the Canadian brand propose to us the GC Banana Plugs series with a quality level that surpasses in a big way almost every other brand in the market at this price range.

Unit of Measure: Set/4


• 6.0mm diameters

• Can be secured inside binding posts by twisting the outside barrel

• 24k Gold plated high conductive copper

• Double knurl design for easy fitting

• Allen screw for secure assembly to speaker cable conductor

• Colors: Satin Silver or Enamel Black

• Set of 4pcs

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