1877Phono EH-Strobo 1877Phono Turntable Record Mat

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EH-Strobo Fused Acrylic HD-EVA Custom Turntable Record Mat, 4mm Laser Grid Stroboscopic Disc (33.3/45/78 RPM)

1877 EH-Strobo (Acrylic/EVA) Turntable Mat with Strobocopic Disc. Acrylic/HD-EVA Custom Formulated High Compression Compound.

Unit of Measure: Each


  • External diameter  295mm
  • Static dissipating laser cut grid
  • Overall thickness 4mm
  • Sandwich design for wider range of acoustic performance
  • Non-marking, anti-static, shock absorbing EVA polymer
  • Moisture resistant
  • Dissipation factor 1kHz 0.03
  • Dielectric constant 1kHz 3.1
  • Acrylic side: Stroboscopic Disc for 33.3/45/78RPM Speed Adjustment
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