1877PH AC Power Cables

Based out of Nova Scotia, Canada, 1877Phono is named after the year that Edison invented the phonograph. They offer a wide selection of premium turntables, cables and components to analog enthusiasts.
1877Phono Legion 11awg Power Cable (1.5M)
USD $224.00 USD $224.00
SKU#: 1877PH-75706
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1877Phono FINA 14awg Power Cable (1.5M)
USD $224.00 USD $224.00
SKU#: 1877PH-77018
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1877Phono Majestic-PWR 12awg Power Cable(1.5M)
USD $252.00 USD $252.00
SKU#: 1877PH-81220
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1877Phono OCC Silver-Dart-PW 10awg Power Cable (1.5M)
USD $800.00 USD $800.00
SKU#: 1877PH-82642
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