AECO Connector ARP-4055 Pure Silver RCA Male Plugs Set/4

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AECO ARP-4055 Pure Silver RCA Male Plugs Set/4

The contact pin is formed on the body by plastic injection.
The STAR modeling use the characteristics of Nylon composite material.
which provide enough flexibly to connect with jack tightly.

Grounding use Latch to be assembled tightly with body.
The Non-coaxial design makes the signal reaches
by "Single Point Contact" while plug connect to jack.

After well soldering the wires on positive and negative part,
the shell locked with body by screwing and to fix the cable with shell stable by a screw.

Unit of Measure: Set of 4


Contact Pin: Solid Silver - contains over 99.9%
Grounding: Solid Silver - contains over 99.9%

Body: Glass fiber reinforced nylon (Red / White)
Shell: Brass alloy (#C3604)
Sleeve: POM
Screw: Iron

Sleeve is contained in finished product 8.5mm.
Sleeve is not contained in finished product 10.5mm.
Total Length 46.4mm

Full Manufacturer's Warranty
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