Audio Note 100K Ohm Stereo Balance Potentiometer

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100K Ohm Audio Note Stereo Balance Potentiometer

Never underestimate the importance of the volume potentiometer. It has a dramatic and clearly audible influence on sound quality. Get it right, and it is an open window to the musical performance...get it wrong, and it will crush sound completely.  Surprisingly, some of the most frequently used and well-known volume controls - often advertised as a particularly 'audiophile' feature in our competitors products - actually sounded the least satisfactory!

So, as with many of the components used in our products, when there is nothing suitable available from external suppliers, we went back to the drawing board and produced a range of custom units. After four years on extensive prototyping and testing, we finally hit upon a design that met our exacting requirements.

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  • Audio taper (or logarithmic taper, if you’ve got a thing for math) provides consistent volume change throughout the sweep.
  • Sound Clash Ready: Audio Note’s Potentiometers are encapsulated for resistance to shock, moisture and heat.
  • 100k Ohm rating.
  • Soldier lug connections.
  • Four years of Audio Note R&D, so you know you’re getting a potentiometer built with care.
  • Available in two different models: Stereo Volume and Stereo Balance.
Full Warranty
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