Audio Note AN-CS RCA Chassis Mount Socket Red

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AN-CS RCA Chassis Mount Socket, Heavy Silver-Plated, *PTFE Insulated, Non-Magnetic, Red (CON-034B)

Our chassis mounted RCA sockets are the perfect partner for our RCA plugs. Featuring the same heavy, high purity Silver plating (60 - 70 Microns rather than the usual 7 - 10 Microns), they offer the finest possible RCA entry connection for any piece of audio equipment. Machined from non-magnetic solid billet, they are equipped with PTFE insulation and heavy nylon isolation / mounting washers. The centre pin connection features a deep solder bucket, and ground / return connection is provided by a separate solder ring, secured in place with an equally heavily Silver plated, rear mounted locking nut.

Unit of Measure: Each

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