Audio Note Capacitor 0.1uF 630Vdc Copper Foil

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0.1uF 630Vdc, Copper Foil, Mylar In Oil Signal Capacitor (Copper Case/Silver Leads), 22mmD x 40mmL

Our own production audio signal capacitor range is now complete. This is without question the best and most competitive range of audio signal capacitors available by some considerable margin.

The new copper signal capacitors are available in a range that is specifically targeted at the single-ended triode amplifier market, although most values will also be excellent for other types of audio application.

Apart from the considerable improvement in price, the fact that the new copper foil capacitors are considerably better sounding than anything else - including the previous Jensen-made copper signal caps - makes them even better sonic value. The improvement is due to the use of greatly improved materials, better production methods and tighter production tolerances, plus the fact that the new caps are encased in copper instead of aluminium, glass or plastic.

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  • New Oil + Mylar Dielectric Build: Audio Note has improved the sound quality and reliability of their film capacitors by upgrading from paper-in-oil to oil + mylar. Allow some time for these caps to run in and voila! Better sound.
  • A non-magnetic copper case that provides ultra-low induction.
  • 1mm solid silver leads that provide top of the line conductivity (confirm if this is true).
  • Fine mylar dielectric for improved reliability.


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