Bybee Gold RCA Bullet Adaptor

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Bybee Gold RCA Bullet Adaptors

These short single-ended interconnect Adapters utilize Bybee Technologies' latest techniques.  

Each RCA Adapter has locking male ends. The RCA connectors are gold plated to insure best electrical connection. The internal wire reveals a refinement and smoothness to the music that is even more organic and natural in its flow. They are designed to work down signal from each component. They work great with turntables, and are equally good at amplifiers and pre-amps. Improvements in all ranges will be noticed.

The sound? Music is airier, the sound stage is wider, deeper, more dimensional and the music just flows effortlessly. These Gold RCA Adapters will reduce digital harshness. With the Bybee RCA Adapters in place, those digital recordings that you love the music, but hate the sound suddenly become MUCH more listenable, and downright enjoyable.

On the turntable to Phono preamp connection there is increased harmonic resolution, and again more air, space and flow.

This item is temporarily out of stock, please inquire for lead time by sending us your wishlist.

Unit of Measure: Pair


Length: 3in.

Gold Plated

Internal wire material: 14kt Gold wire


Full Warranty
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