Bybee Internal Quantum Signal Enhancer - iQSE

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Bybee Internal Quantum Signal Enhancer - iQSE

The new Bybee iQSE is designed to be installed inside of components. The iQSE is a passive device that is activated by electromagnetic energy and is ideal inside of components where the electromagnetic energy is at the highest concentration. No soldering is required, and the units can withstand high heat situations. Placement can be done simply by using the attached magnet or included double stick tape. Placement can be on any wall at the inside of the component chassis. This product works similar to the popular QSE, but it’s small footprint and design makes it ideal for internal placement. Once installed the iQSE creates an electric and magnetic field that in turn effects the surrounding electrons, rendering them more streamline and efficient. The results are a stunning improvement in overall musicality.

The iQSE can be installed with either side up, and can withstand heat. It will be effective in most any space inside of a component. It is a passive device that will not lose effectiveness over time. This product, like all Bybee products, has a cumulative benefit; and it works very well together with other Bybee products.

Unit of Measure: Each


  • Dimensions (BxWxH): 2" x 4" x 0.25"

  • The iQSEs can be placed in any position to be effective.  Positioning such as upside down or sideways does not effect the units.  

  • iQSEs can withstand heat inside of components.

  • Multiple cords, cables, etc can be placed on a single QSE with equal effectiveness. 

  • Favorable results have been heard near power supplies, placement near and in components, placement on rear terminals of speakers, and just about anywhere a signal path exists.  

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