Bybee V2 Quantum Signal Enhancer (iQSE v2)

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Bybee V2 Quantum Signal Enhancer (iQSE v2)

The Bybee V2 Quantum Signal Enhancer (iQSE v2) is a small approximately 2" long by 1" wide by 1" tall device that, while not the prettiest piece of audio gear you will ever see, is extraordinarily powerful in the positive sonic attributes it will bring out in your system. Orders of magnitude more powerful than the original Bybee Purifiers, or any form of Quantum Signal Enhancer that has come before.

They are small, and indeed delicate. But their size allows you to conceal them nearly anywhere. Inside your breaker box, inside components, underneath cables, on the walls behind pictures, etc. etc.

The V2 like it's siblings the Quantum Signal Enhancer and Internal Quantum Signal Enhancer is activated by surrounding energy. But the V2 is different and much more powerful. So powerful that it has a dramatic effect on the soundstage and detail retrieval when not only placed on components, but also on your speakers and within the listening room.

Unit of Measure: Each

Where the V2 Works:

  • On your loudspeakers - Simply stunning. More resolution, more coherance, the speakers just disappear! Place between mid/woofer and high frequency driver for more resolution. Place above the HF driver in addition and you will have greater image height, air and more detail. Place below the woofer and the lows and midrange open up further. NOTE: Placement on speakers is recommended when your speakers are along the long wall of your room or near the sidewall boundaries. Otherwise we recommend placing them in the listening room itself.
  • In the listening room - The V2 is very powerful, and will expand the width, height and depth of the soundstage dramatically. Not just a little bit, and not in a subtle manner. Place the first V2 centered on the wall behind your speakers. Height of placement is important. As a general rule of thumb, the height of your listening position offers a focused depth, while higher placement offers more height and  a more diffuse image.

  • Circuit breaker boxes - Set on on top of the breaker box where the power comes in, and place on inside on the panel door near the main breaker and near the circuit breaker feeding your audio system. WARNING! Do not attempt to place the V2 inside the main cover of the breaker panel, it could kill you. Inside the door of the panel is fine.

  • Power cords - Place 1 on the connector going in to the component for the most significant effect. Place another at the connector entering the wall or your power distributor/conditioner for another boost in performance. Placing one on the center of the cable will further improve the sound.

  • Amplifier binding posts - Place on or near amp binding posts

  • Speaker binding posts - Place on or near speaker binding posts
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