Cardas Connector XLR-C-SS-F XLR Female Cap (fits Male)

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XLR C SS F, Female XLR Protective Caps (fits a Male XLR Connector)

Cardas XLR C SS Caps are designed to shield your unused XLR sockets. They’re built with solid nickel and brass to prevent EMI and RFI from entering the chassis of your audio equipment.

Important DIY Tip: Don’t get your socket caps mixed up: the male version is designed to cover female sockets, while the female version is designed to cover male sockets.

Unit of Measure: Pair


• Fits over unused XLR sockets

• Solid nickel and brass shield

• Eliminates EMI and RF noise absorption

• Protects XLR sockets from dust and corrosion

• Cardas Nautilus logo engraving on top surface of cover

• Available in male (for female XLR sockets) or female (for male XLR sockets)

Full Warranty
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