Cardas Connector HPSC (Sennheiser HD650) by Headphone Connector

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HPSC Sennheiser HD650 Headphone Connectors

Take cable-building into your own hands with these rhodium-plated Sennheiser Headphone Connectors from Cardas Audio. They’re the perfect fit for the HD600, the HD650 and many other Sennheiser headphones. They come in a red & black pair and offer built-in strain relief as well as easy access for soldering.

DIY Tip: After soldering, we suggest covering the open side of these connectors by filling them with hot glue, then using shrink wrap to cover the opening.

Unit of Measure: Pair


• Fits Sennheiser HD600, HD650, HD265, HD525, HD535, HD545, HD565, HD 565 II and HD580

• Rhodium-plated

• Easy access for soldering

• Built-in strain relief

• Requires solder

• Comes in pairs (red plug for right channel, black plug for left channel)

• Length: 32mm

• Cable not included

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