Cardas Connector CM-M-XLR Male Plug

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CM M XLR Chassis/PCB Mount, XLR Jack Male

Cardas Audio’s Male Chassis Mount XLR Jack is built from eutectic billet brass and comes with rhodium-over-silver pins and a gold-plated housing. It’s the perfect connector for audiophiles in search of musical purity.

Unit of Measure: Each


• Perfect replacement piece for the Neutrik NC3MD-V

• Eutectic billet brass body

• Rhodium-over-silver plated core and pins

• Gold-plated housing

• Non-magnetic

• Stainless steel set screw holds core securely to housing

• PFA dielectric

• Can be mounted from the front or the back

• Can be mounted on PCB or soldered to chassis wire

Full Warranty
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