ClarityCap Capacitor 22uF 630Vdc ESA Series

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22uF 630Vdc, ESA Series, Metalized Polypropylene Film Capacitor +/- 3% Tolerance, 58mmD x 66mmL

ClarityCap has put science to work in their ESA and CSA series of film caps. Two years of research at the University of Salford’s world-renowned Acoustics Research Centre has resulted in a tightly-packed winding with drastically reduced resonances.  The ESA and CSA series of capacitors feature a guaranteed 3% tolerance that ensures component to component consistency, offering audiophiles a balanced system and reproducibility across production runs. The 250Vdc ESA offers a compact and inexpensive form factor, making it well suited for stand monitors and space-constrained inboard PCB crossovers.

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Unit of Measure: Each


  • Guaranteed 3% tolerance
  • The end product of 2 yers of research
  • Tightly packed windings that reduce resonances
  • Compact, inexpensive form factor
  • Unique build process with embedded copper lattice that reduces resistance and grain boundaries
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