ClarityCap BB Capacitor 20uF 400Vdc MR Series, Qty Avail: 1 Piece

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20uF /400Vdc, MR Series, Metalized Polypropylene Film Capacitor +/- 3% Tolerance, Qty Avail: 1 Piece

ClarityCap’s MR Film Capacitor is the direct result of a two-year research program at the University of Salford’s world-renowned Acoustics Research Centre. The result is a virtually resonance-free capacitor that gives DIYers spatialized audio with excellent separation.

Unit of Measure: Each


  • A meticulously-researched capacitor built for industry experts, OEMs and audiophiles.
  • A non-standard polypropylene film with ultra-pure aluminium metalization for improved self-healing.
  • All the resonance control of the ClarityCap ESA plus a winding encapsulated in proprietary resin and acrylic tubing for added damping.
  • A guaranteed 3% tolerance that ensures component to component consistency, giving audiophiles a balanced system and reproducibility across production runs.
  • Hand-soldered copper terminals and tinned copper lead-out wires that provide increased conductivity and resistance to oxidization.
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