ClarityCap Capacitor 100uF 250Vdc CSA Series

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ClarityCap Capacitor 100uF 250Vdc CSA Series

ClarityCap’s CSA series of capacitors replaces the ESA and features CopperConnect technology, a unique build process that introduces an embedded copper lattice to the end construction, dramatically reducing grain boundary crossings and signal path resistance. This has allowed ClarityCap to employ narrower films which minimize ESR without the usual end connection impedance that comes with slimmer films. Don’t worry: the science is sound.

Unit of Measure: Each


  • Tolerance ±3% standard
  • Dissipation factor = 0.001 @ 1KHz & 20±3°C
  • Insulation resistance = 10Mohm-µF @ rated voltage & 20±3°C
  • Rated voltage 250Vdc & 630Vdc
  • Dielectric absorption = 0.1% @ 20±3°C
  • Temperature range -40 to +70°C
  • All leadouts are bare OFC copper solid core 1mm diameter


Full Manufacturer's Warranty
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