CONNEX The NATURAL ONE Interconnect Cable

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CONNEX The NATURAL ONE Interconnect Cable (Balanced, Shielded, Tinned Copper Cotton Conductors)

Given the amazing success with the various natural fiber dielectric/copper stranded hook-up wires we sell, pcX embarked on a project to design and manufacture an easy to assemble, pre-configured Interconnect Cable, using these same materials.   Emulating the time consuming hand-assembled interconnect recipe we developed over the last several years, pcX spec’d a basic formula, then worked with Chris Young (of JUPITER) to refine it into a manufacturable product - CONNEX’s first “natural fiber dielectric” Interconnect Cable – The NATURAL ONE !

  • 2 x 22 awg conductors (colour coded)
  • Twisted winding geometry
  • Stranded dead soft annealed copper strands (7/30awg), tin-plated
  • Each conductor, double insulated with a cotton braid as the dielectric
  • 36awg tinned copper braided shield (to be connected when a shielded or balanced XLR cable was needed)
  • Rayon/Nylon weaved outer jacket (black with red tracer)

Unit of Measure: Meter

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