Duelund 1.0uF 630Vdc CAST-PIO-Cu/Ag Hybrid Copper/Silver Foil Capacitor

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Duelund 1.0uF 630Vdc CAST-PIO-Cu/Ag Hybrid Copper/Silver Foil Capacitor

Copper and silver: the conductivity dream team.

The Duelund CAST Cu-Ag hybrid capacitor offers all the premium sound of the CAST Bronze, but with added top-end openness and clarity. Handmade in Denmark with unique intertwined leadouts, the Duelund Hybrid cap is for audiophiles who want copper quality with silver refinement.

Unit of Measure: Each


• Specially designed for loudspeaker crossovers

• One of the last projects of loudspeaker legend Steen Aa. Duelund to hit the market

• Unique leadouts that are intertwined from the pure copper foil cap and the pure silver bypass cap hidden within the CAST potting

• Silver foil allows layered music to be enjoyed with clarity and tangibility

• Incredible Damping

• Handmade Quality

• Top-End Clarity

• Spatialization that will move music lovers through space and time

• An Orchestra in Your House

• The Best of Both Sounds

• Rated at 100VAC


Sound Bite from HumbleHomeMadeHiFi

“The Duelund copper silver hybrid has a natural ease, is just about tonally perfect, spatious, smooth and open at the same time… You won't be disappointed :-)”

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