Duelund 0.01uF 600Vdc JDM-Sn/Cu Tinned Copper Foil BYPASS Capacitor 

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Duelund 0.01uF 600Vdc JDM-Sn/Cu Tinned Copper Foil BYPASS Capacitor

This tin and copper masterpiece from Duelund might just be the next great discovery in music reproduction. NOTE: 60mm lead length

This exciting new JDM cap from Duelund has all the sonic prowess you’ve come to appreciate from the CAST series, with the unique addition of a tinned copper foil. If you thought vintage tone caps were the best way to get natural sound, you’re in for a pleasant surprise.

Unit of Measure: Each


• Specially designed for DC applications and tube electronics

• Incredible Damping

• Handmade Quality

• A tinned copper foil with enough musical prowess to make you rethink your love for all those gold and     silvers

• Complex Natural Sound

• Top-End Clarity

• Spatialization that will move music lovers through space and time

• An Orchestra in Your House

• The Best of Both Sounds

• Tinned copper leadouts wrapped in baked oiled-cotton and silk insulators



“For my tastes, I think the 0.22uF/400V prototype Duelund CAST tinned-copper capacitors represent a musical & sonic breakthrough in capacitors for use in audio electronics.”

-Jeff Day,
Editor, Positive Feedback

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