Duelund 0.22uF 630Vdc CAST-PIO-Cu Pure Copper Foil Capacitor

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Duelund 0.22uF 630Vdc CAST-PIO-Cu Pure Copper Foil Capacitors 42mmH x 34mmD

This “handmade” Duelund pure copper CAST Cap, is part of the original CAST series from Duelund – which was the one they staked their exemplary reputation on.   This cap features pure copper foil as the electrode material; a waxed paper & oil dielectric insulator; “deep soak” epoxy impregnation (that negates the resonance associated with most AC signal coupling caps), a compressed paper case former; with “twisted pair” pure copper lead out wires.

No other cap design on the planet, is as natural, full bodied, and unfatiguing as these, yet still extended, dynamic and authoritative, at the frequency extremes.  These pure copper foil series caps are now available at a never before seen, price point.

Unit of Measure: Each


• Specially designed for DC applications and tube electronics

• Incredible Damping

• Handmade Quality

• A tinned copper foil with enough musical prowess to make you rethink your love for all those gold and silvers

• Complex Natural Sound

• Top-End Clarity

• Spatialization that will move music lovers through space and time

• An Orchestra in Your House

• The Best of Both Sounds

• Tinned copper leadouts wrapped in baked oiled-cotton and silk insulators

Full Manufacturer's Warranty
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