ELROG ER300B-Mo Triode Power Tube w/Molybdenum Plate Version

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ELROG ER300B-Mo (Molybdenum Plate Version) Power Triode Tube

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Unit of Measure: MP - Matched Pair

ELROG ER300B-Mo Triode Tube

Thoriated Tungsten filament.
Molybdenum Metal PLate

Filament Voltage: 5 V
Filament Current: 1.2 A
Amplification Factor: 3.3
Transconductance: 3.3 mS
Plate Resistance: 950 Ohm
Max. Plate Voltage: 600 V
Max. Plate Dissipation: 40 W

Weight:  0.8kg
Dimensions: 8 × 8 × 1 CM

1 Year Warranty
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