Emerson Capacitor 0.015uF 300Vdc Classic Series

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0.015uF 300Vdc, Classic Series (Green & Cream) Paper In Oil Film Capacitor

These Emerson Tone Capacitors feature Mil-Spec builds and vintage kraft paper-in-oil dielectrics. They’re slim enough for easy DIYing and they sound just as creamy as they look. Put them in your guitar for warmth that’ll take you back to the good ol’ days.

This item is temporarily out of stock, please inquire for lead time by sending us your wishlist.

Unit of Measure: Each


  • For guitars and bass guitars.A sonic signature like the Vintage Sprague Vitamin Q Capacitors
  • Guitar & bass friendly physical size (0.875”x0.4”)
  • Mil-Spec Construction: hermetically sealed metal tubular case with sealed glass ends.
  • Sturdy 20 AWG copper-clad steel leads.
  • Vintage kraft paper-in-oil construction.
  • Warm, creamy sound.
    Classic vintage graphics.
  • Low +/- 10% tolerance.
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