Jupiter Capacitor 0.02uF 400Vdc Red Astron

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Jupiter 0.02uF 400Vdc, Red Astron 

Modelled after the legendary Red Astron Capacitors, our capacitors have similar style to the vintage capacitors to give a very authentic tone and look, yet with a high reliability and longevity. This phenolic case potted tinfoil and mylar capacitor with tinned copper leads yields a uniquely vintage tone perfect for guitar amplifers and vintage audio amplifers alike.

1950’s Construction, Warmer Tone

Please note that although these components are marked 400Vdc they are actually rated at 600Vdc. The capacitors are marked this way to give them a "vintage" feel as the originals were marked 400Vdc.


Unit of Measure: Each


  • .38" D  x  1.19" L
  • Dielectric: Polyester/Tin Foil
  • Dielectric strengh: 600VDC - Tested at 1200VDC (at three stages of production), parts marked 400VDC for vintage look
  • Operating temperature: - 55C to 85C
  • Tolerance: +/- 10% typically much closer
  • Leadout: 20awg, 8mm diameter, tinned copper
  • Application: Guitar Amplifier, Guitar Tone Control
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