KLEI Copper Harmony Phono/RCA Male Plug

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"Copper" Harmony Phono RCA Plug (Hard Silver-Plated - both Ground & Signal)

Built by K.L. Eichmann to replace the revolutionary Silver Bullet Connectors, these Copper Harmony Phono and RCA Plugs have taken the analog audiophile movement to the next level. With ultra-conductive copper pins and high-purity silver plating, Copper Harmony Phono and RCA Plugs ensure a flawless audio-grade connection.

NOTE: A grommett/stopper is available (as an optional extra) for each plug end...to act as a strain relief on small diameter cables. (for most interconnect cables, it is not needed)

Unit of Measure: Set/4


• Built to replace the famous Eichmann Silver Bullet Connector

• Signal and ground pins utilize KLEI PureCopper with a 101% IACS conductivity rating

• An ultra-high purity silver plate that protects the contact pins from oxidization

• Signal pins and ground pins have been optimized to enhance electron flow in accordance with KL’s Copper Signal/Ground formula

• Tag-shaped signal/ground pins makes soldering small, large, or multiple wires easy

• Signal/ground anti-short shield

• Signal/ground pin spacing and foil technology ensures that capacitive, inductive and EMF effects are minimized

• Head assembly jaw structure provides an easy snap-like connection to Phono/RCA socket

• Ground pin includes thread teeth to ensure that metal housing is star-point grounded, eliminating eddy current distortions, micro-arcing, and capacitive and inductive reactance

• Housing assembly uses two screws to retain and secure the cable

• High-temperature melting point thermoplastic polymer

• Sold as a set of four

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