KLEI Pure Harmony Phono/RCA Male Plug

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"Pure" Harmony Phono RCA Plug (Pure Silver Ground & Signal)

With perfectly-sized silver conductors, Pure Harmony Phono and RCA Plugs offer some of the best connectivity strength an audiophile could wish for. They come with signal and ground pins that utilize KLEI PureSilver, giving audiophiles an ultra-high 106% IACS conductivity rating.

NOTE: A grommett/stopper is available (as an optional extra) for each plug end...to act as a strain relief on small diameter cables. (for most interconnect cables, it is not needed)

Unit of Measure: Set/4


• Signal and ground pins utilize KLEI PureSilver with a 106% IACS conductivity rating

• An ultra-high purity silver plate that protects the contact pins from oxidization

• Signal pins and ground pins have been optimized to enhance electron flow in accordance with KL’s Copper Signal/Ground formula

Tag-shaped signal/ground pins makes soldering small, large, or multiple wires easy

• Signal/ground anti-short shield

• Signal/ground pin spacing and foil technology ensures that capacitive, inductive and EMF effects are minimized

• Head assembly jaw structure provides an easy snap-like connection to Phono/RCA socket

• Ground pin includes thread teeth to ensure that metal housing is star-point grounded, eliminating eddy current distortions, micro-arcing, and capacitive and inductive reactance

• Housing assembly uses two screws to retain and secure the cable

• High-temperature melting point thermoplastic polymer

• Sold as a set of four

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