KLEI Connector Classic Harmony Banana Plugs

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KLEI Classic Harmony Banana Plugs

For the ultimate in banana plug performance consider the KLEI Classic Harmony Banana Plug Connector, developed by Keith-Louis Eichmann, inventor of the famous Bullet Plug. They have been designed to optimise the mass and the thickness of the conductive pins to enhance signal flow. It is the successor to the Bayonet Plug that Mr Eichmann previously developed.

Unit of Measure: Set/8



  • As a connector, the Harmony banana pins allow for easy soldering of small to large wires and, if necessary, crimping of the wire to be soldered, and for single stacking/connection of another Banana.
  • As an adaptor, the Harmony banana pins allow for dual stacking/connection which permits two Harmony bananas to be connected to one Harmony banana.
  • The Harmony banana housing is inserted from the front, after soldering the wire to the Harmony banana pin. Once connected the Harmony banana housing assists in supporting the soldered cable, once the rear door is shut and locked.
  • The design of the housing once soldered and connected properly is designed to support the cable. The housing is made from a high temperature melting point thermoplastic polymer to give it longevity.
  • The Harmony banana pins have been optimised in terms of shape, mass, and thickness; and are electrically superior and superbly constructed.
  • Proprietary mathematical modelling is utilised to produce the Classic Harmony’s ground to signal pin relationship and parameters, and determines the proprietary metallurgical processes that are used.
  • Heat resistant thermoplastic polymer housing.


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