Mallory Capacitor 0.01uF 400Vdc PVC Series

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0.01uF 400Vdc, PVC411 Series, Polyester (PVC) Polypropylene Film Foil Capacitor 10% Tolerance

Mallory PVC Capacitors feature precise windings and happy DIY friendliness.  These polyester and polypropylene film caps are carefully wound to provide audiophiles with increased damping. Their flame-retardant epoxy coatings protect the inner components from soldering iron heat, making them a prime choice for DIYers.

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Unit of Measure: Each


  • Adaptable to all electronic circuit applications that require bypass and coupling.
  • Combination polyester and polypropylene dielectric, carefully wound in precise atmospheric conditions (what those conditions are is actually a mystery to us, but we can assure you they are precise).
  • Flame retardant epoxy coating that protects inner components from the heat of soldering irons, flow solder equipment and chlorinated cleaning solvents.
  • High grade aluminum plates with ample separation thickness.
  • Swaged lead-out wires.
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