MultiCap Capacitor 0.75uF 400Vdc RTX Series

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0.75uF 400Vdc, RTX Series, Film & Foil, 1.2" D x 1.8" L

MultiCap’s RTX capacitor provides top of the line performance for high current applications. Its polystyrene and tin design provides DIYers with remarkably low dielectric absorption as well as resistance to oxidation and electrolysis.

Unit of Measure: Each


  • Perfect for high current applications.
  • Internal Bypassing: One MultiCap consists of 10 smaller-value high speed capacitors
  • Ultra-Low ESR, giving DIYers ESR thatís 5-10 times lower than conventional capacitor designs.
  • Multi-Section Design for low inductance.
  • A low absorption polystyrene dielectric keeps the RTX performing like a champ, charge after charge.
  • A reliable tin foil thatís proven to work with all the different materials in the MultiCap to prevent oxidation and electrolysis.
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