Tube NOS BRIMAR 6060 (CV4024) Dual Triode Tube

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Tube NOS BRIMAR 6060 (CV4024) Dual Triode Tube

UK-made in the late 50s and early 60s, the date codes from this lot are from the early 60’s. These tubes have large black wing plates, a white Brimar silkscreened label on the front, along with the Yellow-T decal on the back of the tube. The Yellow-T tubes are remarkable for their air, realism, and seductive warmth and unfortunately are getting as rare as the GEC A2900 tubes !

These tubes are incredibly similar to the famous Genalex/Gold Lion A2900 tubes. This tube will be a substantial upgrade for any ECC81, 12AT7, 6201, and be a comparable alternative to highest quality Telefunken ECC801S or GEC A2900.

Unit of Measure: Each

- Vintage NOS Stock (early 60’s)

- Famous “Yellow T” Version

- Black Plate, Halo Getter

- Original Factory Box, Tissue Wrap, Pin Straightener

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