Sanyo Oscon Capacitor 270uF 10Vdc SP-Series

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270uF 10Vdc, SP-Series, Electrolytic Capacitor Tinned OFC Leads, 8mmD x 10.5mm L

Sanyo SP Capacitors are high capacitance, low ESR performers that’ll give you less grain and better neutrality. They come equipped with oxygen free copper leadout wires, so you know they’re audiophile-ready.

Unit of Measure: Each


• Great for amps and other high-end audio gear

• High capacitance

• Low ESR

• Good clarity and neutrality

• Aluminum foil

• Organic semiconductive electrolyte

• Oxygen Free Copper leadout wires

• Rated for high temperatures (105℃)

• RoHS compliant

• Radial leads


Technical Specifications

• Temperature Range: –55 to + 105°C

• Nominal Tolerance: ±20% at 120Hz

• ESR: 100kHz to 300 kHz/20°C

• Endurance Test: 1000 hours – 2000 hours @ 105°C. (depending on size)

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