Oyaide SRBN Banana Plug Phosphor Bronze Silver/Rhodium Plated

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GBN Banana Plugs, Phosphor Bronze, Gold Plating

Oyaide SRBN and GBN Banana Plugs are manufactured from 8mm phosphor bronze bars, barrel-polished, mirror-finished and trimmed to ensure maximum terminal contact. They come with quench treated stainless steel screws that hold the conductor perfectly to the cable. Whether you prefer them in 24K gold or silver and rhodium, Oyaide Banana Plugs offer premium conductivity to the hi-fi enthusiast.

Unit of Measure: Each


• Deoxidized phosphor bronze conductor

• Cross-shaped contact tip, divided into quarters to maximize contact area and to ensure a secure fit

• Barrel-polished, mirror-finished

• Quench treated stainless steel screws

• Luxurious guilloche surface pattern

• 5mm dual screw connection system holds conductor perfectly

• Outer diameter: 8mm

• Cable diameter: 4mm

• Available in 24K gold plating or silver + rhodium plating

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