Silver Mica Capacitor 7pF 500Vdc

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1pF 500Vdc, Silver Mica Capacitor +/-5% Tolerance

Silver Mica caps will cleanse and smooth your high frequency sounds. They have some of the best electrical characteristics around. DIYers love the strong layered design of their dielectrics. They’re perfect for smoothing out your higher frequencies.

Unit of Measure: Each


• Ideal for use in RF oscillators, filters, coupling & decoupling, RIAA networks, tone control networks, logic & transmission circuits and DC voltage blocking

• The Most Tolerable Tolerances

• Good positive temperature coefficient of 35 to 75 ppm / C

• Large value range

• High efficiency (Q Factor)

• Layered crystalline mica dielectric built to ensure strong insulation

• Silver electrodes

• Great for audiophiles looking to add clarity and smoothness to their treble


Mica Dielectric Properties:

• Dielectric Constant: 6

• Dielectric Strength: 10, 000 volts per mil

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